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Shaanxi Hongxinyuan Metallurgical Equipment Industry Co.,Ltd.is professionally engaged in the design and manufacture of metallurgical equipment and transformer spare parts.Hongxinyuan has been always sticking to“Technical Innovation,High Quality,Top Credit”since its establishment,and its products have reached domestically advanced level and well sold nationwide.
As the enterprise develops,we attach more importance to technology and continuously increase the more money and materials input to train technical backbones to endure the R&D of Hongxinyuan and technical exchange with famous enterprises in the industry.Modestly accepting the feedback opinions of users,we cling to upgrading design,bravely bring forth new ideas and ensure our products are in line with the domestic leading level to satisfy the requirements of users to utmost extent.
Looking back,we have experienced hard struggle,tasted the joy of success,and realized the urgency of development for enterprises,the trust and support of users as well as the true essence of“Users Supreme”.We will offer users with most advanced equipments and best service to drum up the development of steel and iron industry in China and return to the customers and friends.
Hongxinyuan undertakes manufacturing,installation and debugging of all kinds of complete industrial equipments of electric furnaces.
It sticks to the system of picking up and seeing off customers even in weekends and holidays.General Manager Yan Rongde and Project Manager Yan Xianbing sincerely welcome your visit for consultation,inspection and order.

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